Our Infrastructure


We use our expertise as well as leading edge technologies and powerful CAD/CAM/CAE systems for our designs. Having experienced & dedicated team of designers, we proud to deliver best & economical design to our customers.
Dedicated Design Teams & Location

  • Welding Jigs & Fixtures, Inspections Fixtures & SPMs                      SDE, Faridabad.
  • Press Tools & Sheet Metal                                                                SDE, Faridabad
  • Robotics & Automation                                                                      SDE, Gurgaon.


Software Used.

  • Solid Works Professional.
  • Unigraphics
  • I-Deas
  • DelCAM

Tool Room
Tool Room is equipped with state of art manufacturing facilities having all conventional & advanced CNC machines.  Some of the facilities are as under:


Instrument Make Size Quantity
Vertical Machining Center (VMC 1) HARTFORD 3M x 2M x 1M 01 NO.
Vertical Machining Center (VMC 2) HARTFORD 2M x 1.5M x .45M 01 NO.
Vertical Machining Center (VMC 3) HARTFORD 1M x 0.5M x .45M 01 NO.
Vertical Machining Center (VMC 4) HARTFORD 1M x 0.5M x .45M 01 NO.
Wire Cut Machine 02 Nos
EDM Machine 1
Radial Drilling Machine 1600 mm 2
Vertical  Jig Boring  Machine 1.200 x 550 x 450 05 Nos
M1TR   1200 mm 16 Nos
Surface Grinder   18" x 12 " 20 Nos
Lathes   4 Feet 06 Nos
Crane   5 Ton 01 No.
M1TR   1200 mm 16 Nos
Surface Grinder   18" x 12 " 20 Nos
Lathes   4 Feet 06 Nos
Crane   5 Ton 01 No.


Water Jet Cutting Machine,                                                 NANO JET Tool Room, MITR Line


                        VMC Line                                                                 Plano Miller ( 3m x 2 m)


We have specially trained manpower including engineers & technician for quality control. We are well equipped inspection facilities for inspection to deliver quality products to our customers. Our inspection facility includes CMMs, Calibrated measuring instruments of all good brands etc.

  • CMM Bridge Type                   1200x800x800mm
  • CMM Cantilever Type              3000x 1250 x1650
  • CMM Portable                        2750mm


                  CMM Cantilever Type                                                       CMM Bridge Type

Fixture Trial Station

We have jigs & fixture trial area to facilitate to our customers, fixtures trial at out end. Trial station is equiped with welding sets, C Type & X Type welding guns of different KVAs.


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